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What are the Pros & Cons of Corner House?

Are you looking for a new house but can't decide if buying a corner house would be a wise investment decision or a poor one? Well, you've come to the right place as we are going to discuss the pros and cons of living on a corner plot, which will hopefully give you some clarity on the matter.
As we all know, location is always the prominent factors when buying a property. Location largely regulates its actual value. Usually, park-facing and corner plot properties are somewhat more expensive than the rest


Let's start with the pros (benefits) of corner plots. Here are some of the biggest advantages of investing in a property in the corner.

  • Light and ventilation
  • Extra parking spaces
  • Better design selections option
  • Clear view of street

The cost of corner plot house is slightly higher as compared to others because of the extra yard space.

Normally, corner homes come with two lawns that give you more space to start your own garden, create a small sitting or play area for kids. You can even place some outdoor furniture on the grass and make it a wonderful evening tea time spot.


A house on a corner plot is considered a great investment option because of improved airflow and natural light in the corner. Corner plot properties are not walled by houses on all sides, a corner home allows for better ventilation and more sunlight. Good flow of air and natural light are imperative for a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, they have a positive effect on the overall environment of your house. While direct sunlight makes your room look brighter and less poky.


There are many causes why corner plots appear to be popular among homebuyers? Lack of parking space is one of the major issues in urban communities; it's understandable that both real estate investors and regular buyers rush to buy corner plot properties, as they allow homeowners to park their vehicles on either side of the plot. Your guests and visitors won't have much trouble finding a parking spot either.
Now that you see the main benefits of buying a corner house in Pakistan, let's discuss the most noticeable drawback of such property as well.


In a corner plot you can design your home freely as you like.
Building a house on the corner plot allows you to get more imaginative. Since these homes are not covered by other properties and are usually larger, the owner can form a lot of design options that may not be meet for others living on the same street.
It’s important to remark that if your property is located inside a gated community, you will be required to follow the particular housing society’s construction bylaws to make sure the external part of your house doesn’t break rules.


Corner House always offers a great view of the street.
While most corner houses have windows and balconies on the front of yard on the other hand living in a corner house can enjoy an open view of the street. If there’s a park in the locality that’s visible from your corner plot home, creates a positive impact on the overall value of your property.


These are the major disadvantages of a corner plot home

  • More maintenance is required for corner house
  • Noise pollution issue
  • More susceptible to robbery
  • Dealing with foot traffic
  • Light pollution in corner house
  • Further cons of buying corner plot homes.


As we have discussed above that corner plots come with an extra land. Though it is considered an enormous advantage, the maintenance of this extra land can be a drawback. An extra lawn means you will be required to spend almost twice. Moreover the corner houses have higher visibility as well as more coverage so you will have to take extra care. Painting the external walls is also going to be costly for the corner house owners.


As compared to others corner house is more exposed to booming car horns and other forms of noise pollution especially when you live near a busy intersection.
Like other residents who only have to deal with traffic, you’ll have to listen to the noises of small and heavy vehicles on either side. In case there is a bus stop located at a short distance to your home, you may have to face a lot of foot traffic during the rush hours.


Due to the visibility, corner houses can be more susceptible to robberies.
Your privacy may be disturbed, especially when your house is visible from the nearby street or when if it is constructed in a way that people out on the footway can see or hear your talk. However, according to industry experts, corner house is less likely to be burglarized with high visibility.


The houses erected on corner plots usually have to deal with a lot of foot traffic. For instance, if you live close to the main road, people can disturb you by standing right outside your front yard to look for rickshaws, other forms of transportation. This may also reduce your privacy.
If your house is located near a school or market area this problem can get even worse.


People living in corner houses are usually watched to face the headlights of passing vehicles. This can be rather uncomfortable. Furthermore, since streetlights are normally placed at the corner of the streets, that may results in increasing the extra cost on purchasing heavy curtains.
In conclusion, buying a corner house comes with its own sets of pros and cons. But, all of these factors may differ with the location of your home.

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